I’m Shannon Okey, and I own Cooperative Press, an indie, niche publishing company. I’m on the Independent Book Publisher’s Association board, and my current research interest is bringing new lean / agile frameworks to a rapidly-changing publishing industry.

As such, I am a Certified Scrum Product Owner and Certified Scrum Master, working towards my PMP as I develop new methods for shortening publication cycles, increasing profits and taking advantage of both long-tail sales and focused social popularity bursts.

  • I like books, cats, bikes, people, cooking and experimenting with social media.
  • I want to do more solo and panel presentations at conferences in 2015 and forward, and serve on more art and publishing-related boards.
  • I’ve reworked this site to make it easier to find me outside the fiber arts publishing world, where I’m already well-known.

Say hi back! mail at shannonokey [dot] com